It starts

with YOU,


to nourish

your little



Hello and welcome to my Pump It Up Bars site. I am Cana, (pronounced "Janah"), the founder of Pump It Up Bars. I am so excited you are here to learn more about our lactation bars. We have not met in person yet but we all have the same goal: to provide the best for our kids. Their physical and mental health is our top priority. I believe "we are what we eat." Therefore, putting nutritious, whole, organic foods have a great impact on how we fuel our body and mind. This fueling process becomes crucial during and after pregnancy not only for the baby but also for the mom. We are, after all, responsible for the healthy development of our precious baby. Pump It Up Bars not only will promote healthy lactation but will also give you a nutritious boost and healthy regulation that your body and mind need throughout the day. Without a doubt a happy mommy leads to a happy baby. 

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